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Bachelor's and master's theses


The central area of expertise of the working group is high energy particle astrophysics. By pursuing different approaches we contribute to the search for the origin of cosmic rays.

It would be appreciated if you visit for an one-to-one appointment, in which definite topics will be outlined.

Bachelor's and master's theses are offered in the following subject areas, among others:

  • Extragalactic propagation of Cosmic Rays
  • Propagation of Cosmic Rays in the magnetic fields of the interstellar medium.
  • The composition of the cosmic ray spectrum.
  • Interactions of high energetic photons in active galactic nuclei.
  • Ionisation of the interstellar medium by cosmic rays.
  • High energy neturinos from active Galaxies.
  • Particle interactions in astrophysical plasmas.
  • The role of cosmic rays in supernova remnants and starburst galaxies.
  • Particle interactions in the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Thesis within the framework of the IceCube Neutrino-Experiment, located at the geographic South Pole.
  • Collaboration on the H.E.S.S. experiment for detecting high energy photons, located in Namibia.
  • Collaboration on the CTA experiment, which is a ground-based observatory for gamma-ray astronomy at very-high energies

Especially for Bachelor-of-Arts/Master-of-Education

  • We can provide topics optimized for BA/M.Ed. students

Stays abroad

  • We have international partners all over the world (e.g. USA - West to East, New Zealand, Japan, Namibia, Sweden, Belgium) and have long-term experience in designing thesis that include stays abroad. Just contact us if you are interested.

Completed PhD theses

  • Mike Kroll: Propagation of Cosmic Rays - Studying Supernova Remnants as Sources for the Galactic Flux and the Influence of the Solar Magnetic Field (Jul 2017).
  • Fabian Bos: Studying Moon and Sun shadows by using atmospheric muons detected with IceCube (Dez 2016).
  • Sebastian Schöneberg: The spectrum of atmospheric neutrinos above GeV energies (Aug 2016).
  • Isaak Saba: Neutrino emission from Active Galaxies in the context of the measured diffuse astrophysical neutrino signal (Apr 2015).
  • Florian Schuppan: High and low energy signatures from supernova remnant adjacent molecular clouds (Feb 2014).